The Ultimate Guide to Shepherd Hut Holidays

If you are looking for something different this year for your holiday, then having a break in a shepherd hut might be exactly what you are looking for.

What is a Shepherd Hut?

Originally used by sheep farmers in the 15th – 19th century in the UK and France, shepherd huts have recently become very popular for glamping holidays all throughout Europe and the UK.

A shepherd hut is usually built on wheels to allow easy transportation between fields and are made from many different materials – mainly wood and metal.

After the first world war there was a shortage of metal meaning that many huts had to be constructed from wood and other materials such as felt and tar.

A shepherd hut is effectively a self-contained micro-cottage crammed into a carriage ready to move from location to location as needed.

With the advances in modern farming it has become unnecessary for most sheep farmers to stay out in a hut with his flock so the number of working shepherd huts in the countryside has declined – until campsites and holiday locations picked up on them for “Glamping Holidays”.

Great locations to stay in Shepherd Huts

You would be surprised how popular and widely spread shepherd huts have become. You will find shepherd huts in almost every holiday location throughout the UK.

The main factor for an ideal spot for a shepherd hut is somewhere with a fantastic view.

Staying in a shepherd hut is about getting back to basics, although it is definitely more glamorous than camping. It is still about escaping technology and taking some time to really connect with nature and the people around you.

Some fantastic places to look out for when booking are:

• Devon and Cornwall Countryside and Coast

• The Lake District

• Three Cliffs Bay in Wales

• West Bay in Dorset

These are some stunning locations with local sites that use shepherd huts but there are hundreds of other locations around the country so be sure to do some research first.

How much does it cost to stay in a Shepherd Hut?

Prices to spend a night in a shepherd hut will vary based on location and time of year. On a quick search we found prices that varied between £75 and £200 per night. Many factors will be included in the price you pay per-night so make sure that you shop around to find the best deal in terms of location, accommodation and price.

How many people can stay in a Shepherd Hut?

Shepherd Hut’s are not huge, some offer space for 2 adults and 2 children however an average shepherd hut will usually only have 1 double bed, a small kitchen, living space and a toilet.

They provide everything you need to have a relaxing get away from the every-day grind and allow you to focus on the space around you.

For larger groups there are plenty of locations with multiple shepherd suts allowing you to book for more guests at a time.

What should we bring with us on a Shepherd Hut holiday?

When planning a holiday in a shepherd hut or a short trip away you should always bear in mind what you need to bring with you.

Although staying in a shepherd hut is a far more luxurious option than staying in a tent you should still pack everything that you would for a camp (minus the tent of course).

Some locations will provide bedding so make sure that you ask beforehand so that you can plan your stay.

The main thing to remember is that you are going for a break. Make the most of your shepherd hut experience and enjoy some hard-earned relaxation.

Greendown Shepherd Huts are used in locations throughout the country for both residential and commercial purposes. If you enjoy your stay in a hut and want to explore options of owning your own shepherd hut, our team are here to help.

Check out our full range here for more information on our huts.