The Ultimate Guide to Dog Friendly Shepherd Huts

Dogs are an integral part of the family and shouldn’t miss out the fun of a family getaway. Imagine long walks on the beach, all the new smells and the never-ending countryside – shepherd hut retreats are dog heaven!

Whether you are looking to adjust your own shepherd hut for your furry friend or want to expand your glamping offering, here is the ultimate guide to dog friendly shepherd huts. Get inspired by these tips or check out Greedown Shepherd Hut’s gallery to start planning your perfect shepherd hut.

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Dog Friendly Shepherd Huts

In all the excitement of decorating your shepherd hut or putting together a welcoming hamper for your guests, don’t neglect any four-legged friends! Follow these tips to ensure canine contentment.


For your own pooch, a shepherd hut dog bed is a no brainer. Find a comfy bed, give it a cosy corner of the hut, and let your dog enjoy its own relaxing retreat. If you are running a B&B, having a dog bed on hand for guests if they need it will go down a treat; they don’t have to haul it in the car and worry about leaving it behind.

Consider your furniture choices carefully and be mindful of potential damage. While solid oak pieces may look amazing, any scratches may take away from the looks, so perhaps avoid using prized furniture.

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Having a few outdoor amenities for your shepherd hut can go a long way in making it dog friendly. From an outdoor hose for mucky paws to a water bowl ready to be lapped up, a few simple additions can make all the difference.

If dogs regularly use your shepherd hut, if its for personal use for example, consider having a doghouse. Use matching materials as the shepherd hut, such as solid oak, for the ultimate mini version. Perfect for rainy day shelter or for a spot of shade, a doghouse helps keep the shepherd hut just for you.

When purchasing your shepherd hut, double check the stairs are usable by your dog. Though this shouldn’t present much of an issue, traditional shepherd hut stairs may be harder for certain dogs to use.


For a shepherd hut to be dog friendly it needs some basic necessities such as food and water bowls and dog waste bins. Even laying out a special towel for a dog guest may be a huge help. Although guests who stay with dogs will likely bring their own items, providing spares or extras could make their stay.

Go the extra mile and purchase some dog-waste bags, bowls, toys, a spare doggy towel and even treats so you are prepared for when a dog visits. These items are all relatively inexpensive and show you are willing to go the extra mile for your guests and their dogs.


Whether you let your shepherd hut out for guests or use it yourself, regular cleaning is important. But it is especially important when dogs are concerned.

Although getting out the lint roller and removing dog hairs is unlikely to make your shepherd hut dog friendly, it will make it guest friendly! No one wants to stay in a hut full of dog hairs, especially someone with allergies.


If you rent out your shepherd hut for guests and allow dogs, be sure to communicate well. General housekeeping rules are expected when staying somewhere, and rules concerning dogs are no different.

Perhaps there is livestock nearby, so dogs need to be on a lead outside of the hut, or there is a specific place to dispose of waste, either way, keep guests informed. No doubt guests will appreciate the heads up about certain aspects of their stay, allowing them to switch off with no worries.

Added treats

If you are an animal lover or have a particular sweet spot for dogs, allowing dogs in your shepherd hut retreat is a great chance to treat them, their owners, and yourself.

Why not make a welcome pack for dogs as well as guests, with a special toy and some treats? Leave some maps of the local area in your shepherd hut, with dog walking routes marked on for picturesque exploring. Have a used-tennis ball collection so you can provide doggy guests with activities. Even consider offering dog minding or walks if you are local and available.

Going above and beyond for your guests and their dogs will not only make their stay better, but it means they are far more likely to return!

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