Shepherd Hut Windows, Doors, & Stairs

Windows, doors and stairs were all authentic features on original huts dating back to the 16th century. While necessities facilitating hut use, these features are also now aesthetic, with stylistic options to choose from.

Originally functioning as protection from the elements, shepherd huts have now taken on a range of uses, and therefore there is more flexibility in design and decoration. A far cry from the thin corrugated tin shelters of previous centuries, shepherd huts now afford the luxuries of modern-day trends and materials. Often made from striking oak, contemporary huts can be adapted to fit all sorts of applications and design visions.

With the rise of glamping and staycations, whereby holidaymakers go on holiday without venturing far, now is the perfect time for B&B owners to invest in shepherd huts. With the world becoming ever more interconnected, making it harder for people to truly ‘switch off’, countryside retreats are growing in popularity. Shepherd huts make for the perfect weekend getaway, suited to romantic breaks for couples, or retreats for those who need to unwind, their traditional and rural appeal attracts all kinds of holidaymaker.

But shepherd huts are incredibly adaptable and ideal for a variety of uses, from annexe to library. Whether a shepherd hut is used as a playroom or office, here are some key considerations for the structural elements; windows, doors and stairs.

Shepherd Hut Windows

Traditionally, shepherd huts only have one, small window placed high up just under the roof. Such small windows would provide minimal light and only a small view of the outside flock. Importantly though, being high up and small meant these frail windows were less likely to smash when moved from field to field.

As shepherd huts are less mobile now, usually installed as semi-permanent structures, shepherd huts can safely have multiple larger windows. Coupled with advances in glass and double-glazing technology, windows are far superior compared to hundreds of years ago.

With advances in windows come great advantages. Windows can be large contributors to heat loss, but double glazing helps to limit this issue. Although not standard for some shepherd hut suppliers to provide, double glazing is the preferable option for shepherd hut windows.

Maximise the aesthetic value of your windows and have hardwood frames. Take your windows to the next level with wooden detailing, to create a four-panel design, inspiring nostalgia and fitting the ‘country’ style.

Here at Greendown Shepherd Huts, we supply all our huts with double glazed windows, providing stunning countryside vistas, as well as comprehensive prevention of heat loss. Talk with our specialists to design your dream shepherd hut, maximising the potential and placement of windows.

Shepherd Hut Doors

Stable doors are a popular and authentic choice for shepherd huts. Especially useful on a hot summer’s day, stable doors enable shepherd hut users to embrace the elements.

Ideally suited to larger shepherd huts, French doors are another popular solution and create a welcoming and endearing entrance. Consider adding window panels to doors to maximise light in your shepherd hut. Utilising contemporary alternatives helps the rebrand of shepherd huts from functional tin carts to homely, luxury spaces.

Some shepherd hut suppliers may supply doors separately, unpainted and unhinged. Avoid the stress and risk of faults by purchasing your shepherd hut complete from a trusted supplier. Greendown Shepherd Huts are proud to provide a workshop-to-door service, utilising top industry knowledge to ensure perfection throughout the entire process. Crafting stunning shepherd huts with glamourous French doors, the expert team at Greendown Shepherd Hut work with you to make your vision a reality.

Shepherd Hut Stairs

Regardless of the shepherd hut chassis height, any authentic shepherd hut will require stairs for access. Not just for access, shepherd hut stairs finish the complete look.

When planning a shepherd hut, consider both its use and users. If especially elderly or young people will regularly use the shepherd hut, ensure access is relatively easy. Consider also whether the shepherd hut is likely to be moved, as this impacts the permanence of the stairs.

For bespoke creations, get in touch with Greendown Shepherd Huts. We craft durable oak stairs to fit our stunning shepherd huts. Using the same material for the stairs as the hut maximises impact by maintaining aesthetics.

Bespoke Shepherd Huts with Greendown Shepherd Huts

Create your dream shepherd hut with Greendown Shepherd Huts. Speak to our skilled team of craftsmen to bring your dream to life. Choose from our current shepherd hut offerings or design your own bespoke creation, considering changes to structural elements such as windows, doors and stairs.

Get in contact today to start your shepherd hut journey. Or view our gallery to get inspired.