Shepherd Hut Chassis – Everything You Need to Know

What is a Shepherd Hut Chassis?

Without a chassis, the basic frame of a vehicle, a shepherd hut would practically become a shed. The iconic chassis not only aids movement of the hut, but also completes the rustic aesthetic in keeping with tradition.

Supporting the weight of timber exteriors and installations is no mean feat. Shepherd hut chassis have to be incredibly strong, well-made, and durable. In true shepherd hut convention, the hut also sits on a set of iron wheels, adding more pressure to the base of the structure. The significance of a chassis is therefore paramount to a shepherd hut and cannot be overlooked.

Whether you are purchasing a brand-new shepherd hut, restoring an old one, or even doing some DIY, here are some of the top considerations for your shepherd hut chassis.

Shepherd Hut Chassis Size

Tradition dictates that a shepherd hut should be around 12ft long and 7ft wide. But we live in the modern day, where double beds, kitchen units and shower rooms are all but deemed necessities to any living space. Therefore, shepherd hut chassis have to adjust accordingly.

Most shepherd hut suppliers provide chassis at a range of sizes, including 12ft, 14ft, 16ft, 18ft – Greendown Shepherd Huts even supply a 20ft shepherd hut to house all the luxurious additions!

Though the size of the hut isn’t everything, you do need to consider how it will be used and additions you would like to have when deciding on a chassis and hut size.

Shepherd Hut Chassis Variation

The renowned shepherd hut wheels aren’t there just because they add to the rustic looks. In the 18th century, the wheels served a clear purpose: to aid manoeuvrability of the hut. However, shepherd huts are now becoming increasingly stationary, acting as additional rooms to a house. So, while the wheels are not being abandoned to maintain shepherd hut style, they are often smaller and the chassis lower, making the hut less manoeuvrable.

A lower hut may be less traditional looking, but it no doubt has its affordances. If young children or less able elderly will be using the hut, having a lower entrance may make accessibility easier. Consider the users of your hut and be sure to address this when making decisions about the chassis.

Shepherd Hut Chassis Style

Shepherd hut chassis usually come in two styles, either a rolling chassis style comprised of a simple H frame and draw bar, or a turntable chassis with an additional A frame for increased steering capabilities.

Having an A frame on a shepherd hut aids the manoeuvrability and allows for more steering ability, so if you are planning on moving your hut in the future, this may be a preferable option. A rolling chassis with a draw bar can still be moved, but on the back of another vehicle.

Shepherd Hut Chassis Material

Steel or iron are common materials for shepherd hut chassis as they were used on original shepherd huts and are strong enough to bear the weight. Oak is also a popular choice for shepherd hut chassis, no doubt for its impressive look, however oak chassis should have adequate metal work throughout, and especially on joints, to ensure the chassis can sustain weight and any additional strain from movement, for example.

Shepherd hut chassis materials can be painted to the owner’s liking, with black being a popular and traditional choice. 

Where to Get Shepherd Hut Chassis

An increasing trend for shepherd hut owners now is to self-build a hut, with many suppliers crafting or supplying the parts for the owners to piece together themselves. While this is likely deemed more cost effective for many, or perhaps a way for them to indulge in DIY interests, a self-build hut can be more susceptible to issues. Concerning a chassis, parts of the hut not necessarily made for each other may create problems, for example in measurements.

While DIYers are usually given help by the suppliers, the safest way to ensure your chassis and hut are built to perfecting standards is to leave the experts to it, or to remove third party suppliers from the process. A handcrafted shepherd hut fashioned by experienced specialists is less likely to incur issues. Each part of the finished hut will be crafted to exacting standards, with each portion made with the others in mind. With a team of experts behind you, you can take a step back and watch your dream hut come to life, in perfect harmony with its flawless chassis.

Bespoke Shepherd Hut Chassis from Greendown Shepherd Huts

For a stress-free experience and an immaculate handcrafted shepherd hut, contact Greendown Shepherd Huts. With our specialist team and years’ experience in bringing blissful joy to our customers, we feel assured we can provide the perfect hut. Whether you fancy one of our larger huts with all the add-ons, or want a bespoke design to fit your requirements, we will work with you from start to finish to make your shepherd hut dream come true.  We build our own steel chassis to ensure we can accommodate any size hut and provide correct measurements and the best quality for you.