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Is a shepherd hut investment really worth it?

Posted February 7, 2024
Written By: Greendown Shepherd Huts

Is a shepherd hut investment really worth it?

Expanding your wedding venue’s guest accommodation without disrupting your wider business can be a challenging task, but we didn’t say it was impossible!

Here at Greendown Shepherd Huts, we create the luxury, outdoor living spaces that marrying couples will be proud to host their guests in. The addition of a shepherd hut is the perfect solution, especially considering that value for money is a priority for couples tying the knot in a UK wedding venue.

With charm and versatility in abundance, our shepherd huts certainly deliver the aesthetic appeal that wedding venues and their couples crave, and this is just the beginning. Read on to discover the many reasons why adding shepherd huts to your wedding venue is an investment worth making.

They look the part

Shepherd huts provide the ultimate accommodation for wedding guests, making the most of all those unique and picturesque settings your venue is home to.

Their quaint appearance blends seamlessly with natural surroundings, giving the enchanting and utterly romantic vibe weddings are known and loved for. A stay in a shepherd hut is a distinctive and memorable experience for all, as well as a chance for your venue to stand out in the competitive wedding industry.

They’re flexible by nature

Shepherd huts are flexible and convenient, with their compact yet well-designed interiors able to cater to a wide range of preferences. Your shepherd hut will be everything to all guests – a cosy retreat for couples, a comfortable space for wedding guests, and a unique and practical place for the bridal party to prepare for the very special occasion.

They really are fuss-free

Unlike traditional construction projects that can so easily disrupt ongoing wedding activities, the installation of shepherd huts is relatively quick and efficient. In fact, construction of our shepherd huts takes just 10 to 12 weeks off-site, with a typical installation completed within 24 hours.

They’re great investments

One of the most enticing benefits of adding shepherd huts to your wedding venue is the potential for a significant ROI. Don’t believe us? Enter your details into our ROI Calculator to reveal your potential returns.

They’re loved by guests

Who doesn’t love happy and satisfied guests? Couples seeking a romantic escape or wedding guests desiring a more private and unique stay will appreciate the thoughtfulness and attention to detail that these charming huts provide. Just ask Heathy Lea and Forbes of Kingennie Country Resort, operators that are already the proud owners of our shepherd huts.

Ready to find out more about our shepherd huts for wedding venues? Visit our wedding page or contact us to discuss your next steps.

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Posted February 7, 2024

Do I need planning permission for my shepherd hut?

The process of designing and building your own bespoke shepherd hut is a truly thrilling experience. When collaborating with us, you’re encouraged to be as hands-on as you like to put your own stamp...

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