How to Extend a House Cheaply – Alternatives to Building an Extension

Looking for ways to expand your home but working on a tight budget? Whether you want to add additional living space, an extra bedroom, or create a home office/study, there are plenty of ways you can increase your interior space without breaking the bank.

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Garage Conversion

Garage conversions are a great option for those looking to expand. They are much more budget-friendly than building an entire new extension and according to property experts can add up to 10% to the value of your home.

What makes garage conversions particularly great is that they are less prone to planning complications than extensions and loft conversions. Although it’s always worth checking with your local authorities first, they typically don’t require planning permission so enable you to transform a large chunk of redundant space on your property with relatively little fuss. Another bonus is that you won’t lose any garden space!

If you’re lucky enough to have a double garage, then one option is to convert just half the space so that you gain living area whilst also continuing to benefit from a parking space.

Many choose to convert their garage into a private gym, home library or entertainment room, but it’s completely up to you how you decide to utilise it.

Shepherd’s Hut

Purchasing a shepherd’s hut often proves to be a considerably more manageable solution than adding an extension to your house. Equipped with a kitchenette, sleeping area and shower room, it provides a self-sufficient accommodation area at a much more affordable price than the majority of other extension solutions.

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It’s the perfect option for anyone who needs more space but perhaps hasn’t got the room for an extension onto their house. As they are custom designed and tailored to your specific requirements, they’re incredibly flexible and can be used for a wide range of purposes.

A shepherd’s hut’s intended use doesn’t have to be just now and then, it can be a fully occupied mini property on your land, allowing the occupant to have their own space and live independently.

Unlike an extension, there’s minimal disruption from builders during the build as it is constructed off-site and then brought to your property once completed. It’s also built on a steel chassis with a tow eye so can easily be moved around your garden.

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Outdoor Room

Thinking outside the box slightly, an outdoor room is another alternative to a house extension. It provides a covered outdoor living area perfect for eating and relaxing in during the warm summer months.

It can be as luxurious or as simple as you like, but how far you go with it will largely depend on how much space you have available in your garden. The price will also vary according to the quality of materials used and the exterior finish.

It doesn’t just have to be used for eating though, providing you have the right furniture and equipment (and the sun’s out!), you can also use it for work purposes when working from home. And if you invest in an outdoor pizza oven or BBQ, you can also do your cooking outside!

Wooden gazebos are a popular and relatively inexpensive option and can be purchased in a wide range of sizes. It’s also worth purchasing covers for your garden furniture to protect them from the harsher weather conditions and elements.

Create an Extra Room Over Attached Garaged

If you have a garage attached to your house (and assuming its existing foundations are able to withstand the load), another option is to consider building a new room on top. It’s significantly less expensive than building a new extension from scratch and can be used for whatever purpose you desire, such as to create an additional bedroom or bathroom.

Bear in mind, though, that this isn’t always possible to achieve, so make sure to consult a professional engineer to check for any structural challenges. You’ll also want the new room to feel like a natural part of the original house, both inside and out, so get quotes from various firms before getting started.

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