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How much space will I need for a garden shepherd hut?

Posted April 15, 2024
Written By: Greendown Shepherd Huts

How much space will I need for a garden shepherd hut?

Shepherd huts of all sizes and specifications have made a real impact on the holiday lettings and hospitality scene.

They’ve given established and fledgling businesses a simple, affordable and completely quirky way to incorporate additional accommodation on-site without disrupting their wider operations. The fact our luxurious shepherd huts are built to last and kind to the planet also makes them an investment worth making in the short and long term, and that’s before we even mention the ROI you can expect from a shepherd hut investment!

The addition of a shepherd hut (or two) makes perfect business sense for so many reasons. With staycationers and other guests also relishing the opportunity to enjoy outdoor living at its most rustic and luxurious, the popularity of shepherd huts is only set to get bigger. Shepherd huts shouldn’t just be reserved for business owners however. Private homeowners can enjoy their own hut experience on their terms courtesy of our brand new, budget friendly and purpose-built shepherd hut design.

If you’re in the market for a garden shepherd hut, knowing whether your outdoor space is suitable for this new addition will of course be your first priority. So, how much garden space will you need for your very own Greendown shepherd hut?

The benefits of adding a hut to your garden

The unique and charming look and feel of a shepherd hut complements any garden space. In fact, you really won’t get over the rustic and nostalgic charm that a hut will bring to your home.

Their traditional design and quaint appearance add to the sense of tranquillity and relaxation we all want from our private garden spaces. Imagine being able to enjoy your own picturesque retreat at the bottom of your garden or in a leafy location within your grounds.

Shepherd huts also provide practical places that all the family, and loved ones coming to visit, can enjoy. They serve as multi-purpose spaces and can be customised to your exact needs. Use your Greendown Garden Hut as a home office, guest accommodation, hobby room, or simply a peaceful spot for relaxation.

The possibilities really are endless, and the extra living space can be relished without the need for costly renovations or property extensions.

Considering the size of your garden shepherd hut

Judging how much space you’ll need to accommodate a garden shepherd hut all depends on the size of your hut design. As the Greendown range shows, there is a whole host of hut sizes to choose from, including our compact Garden Hut and extra spacious Double Hut. Homeowners looking to go bespoke with their hut design have even more freedom, with our expertise building our own chassis enabling us to accommodate any hut size.

Our Garden Hut is designed with homeowners in mind, and offers the versatile, functional and aesthetically pleasing space shepherd huts are known and loved for. As well as being the ultimate garden room, it also measures in at 12ft x 8ft to ensure even gardens that are tighter on space can have their very own hut addition.

What to expect from our brand new Garden Hut

The features of our new Garden Hut don’t end there. Built on a sturdy steel chassis and able to be finished in your choice of wriggly tin colours, this hut design combines design and functionality to provide a serene retreat that’ll bring comfort to any home.

The Garden Hut offers a welcoming space both inside and out. Its oak steps and external lighting set the tone for the warmth and comfort that lies within through its handmade single door. Internally, the hut is filled with natural light thanks to two handmade double windows. When the sun sets, strategically placed light fixtures guarantee an inviting atmosphere to while away the rest of the day.

For a full description of the fittings, fixtures, features and extras to expect from our Garden Hut, please click here.

Life after your Greendown Garden Hut installation

Remember, once you’ve decided on the perfect position for your Garden Hut, it doesn’t have to stay there! All our huts, including our new Garden Hut, are built on a steel chassis with a tow eye, enabling you to move them around freely.

The portable nature of our huts means that unlike permanent structures, such as garden buildings and extensions, your hut can adapt to changing preferences or landscaping designs. Play about with different layouts and placements, and discover a hut position that seamlessly integrates with the overall aesthetic of your garden space, whatever its size or style.

For further advice on purchasing and preparing for a garden shepherd hut, please contact our team directly.

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Posted April 15, 2024

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