Getting a Hot Tub for your Shepherd Hut Retreat

With ever increasing concerns about our carbon footprint alongside the current political climate, it comes as no surprise that people today are looking more and more towards holidaying at home rather than winging their way to warmer climates.

This is having a significant impact on tourist trade in the UK and is leading to an upsurge in the popularity of AirBnB type properties and niche-style accommodation options which offer something quite different from traditional hotel chains. Camping, glamping and holidaying off the beaten track are very much on the up with shepherd hut holidays a huge draw for the discerning holidaymaker in quest of the ultimate escape.

If you are in the fortunate position of already owning a B&B or homestay with a shepherd hut, now is the time to think carefully about marketing options, and in particular, what you can offer that makes yours truly stand out from the rest.

Well, this is where hot tubs come in.

So, let’s have a look at some of the benefits of installing a hot tub, the different types to choose from, and which might be best suited to you and your specific set-up.

Shepherd Hut Hot Tubs

Hot tubs lend themselves perfectly for shepherd hut retreats. They can provide a mini spa style addition to keep guests relaxed during their stay.

Hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes with some of the top end models incorporating exclusive jet design to turn your hot tub into a personal Jacuzzi with water massage therapy for all your guests. Jets can be positioned perfectly to target an individual’s tightened neck and shoulder muscles, taut calves and thighs, lower back or even feet. With the possibility of individually adjustable jets to obtain the right pressure and intensity to target and relieve any aches and pains, what’s not to like about such an option?

Whilst shepherd huts undoubtedly offer the ultimate in luxurious, romantic retreats, add a hot tub to your premises and you’re offering numerous health benefits too. Simultaneous heat, buoyancy and water jet massage are unbeatable in relieving stress, fatigue, headaches and muscle tension. With water bearing the load of body weight, pressure on joints and muscles is reduced whilst heat increases blood flow to muscles, speeding up any necessary healing processes. Relaxing with a loved one in a personal hot tub, gazing out at nature with no time constraints or pressures from the outside world will not only bring welcome relief in terms of any physical tension weighing on your guests on arrival but will also have enormous benefits on their emotional health and well-being too. According to a recent study in the journal “Sleep”, a long soak in a hot tub prior to bedtime not only helps the individual fall asleep more quickly, it also promotes a deeper more relaxing sleep too. Add copious amounts of fresh air to that and in no time, your guests will find themselves unwinding in a way no air conditioned, state of the art, 5-star hotel on earth can facilitate.

Keeping the above out of the equation, what cannot be underplayed are the benefits also to be accrued from that personal, intimate space shared in a private hot tub facility. As your guests relax in the warmth of your hot tub and immerse themselves in being at one with the nature that surrounds them, they can be themselves again, let their guard down, laugh out loud, enjoy meaningful conversations with their loved one, soak up the scenery whatever the time of year from beautiful sunsets to crisp bright and frosty sunrises. No matter what the temperature, the hot tub will provide an ambience and warmth unique to your shepherd hut. So, think carefully about where you locate it, how to make best use of your scenery and views, where it is most sheltered from those chill easterly winds and how to make it easily and swiftly accessible from the shepherd’s hut.

Think too about what type of hot tub is best suited to your premises. Those that are log-fired have a very special appeal to the holidaymaker in quest of something off-grid that is unique and completely different. The environmental credentials of these hot tubs are excellent too. But there is a lot of hard work that goes into firing a log-fuelled hot tub: from sourcing the wood (it must be kiln dried), placing it on site, lighting the burner and clearing the ashes after each use. Additionally, log fuelled hot tubs come without any thermostat or filtration system due to the fact they are heated purely through the log stove. This means it can be difficult to maintain exactly the right temperature and that water must be drained and replenished after each use. Assuming you have the time, energy and physical resources to make it work for you and your guests, this can be a great addition to any shepherd hut.

If this is a non-starter and you have electricity supplied to your shepherd hut, an electrically heated hot tub is, of course, a much easier option, requiring far less maintenance and being simple in terms of setting water temperature and gauging heating costs. Electrically heated hot tubs come complete with filtration system and thermostat: no problems then in attaining the ideal temperature and water only needing to be drained at the end of each holiday let.

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We hope the above has given you some insight into how to set about getting a hot tub for your shepherd hut holiday retreat. With hot tubs now showing up as a number one search criteria on booking sites, making this investment is guaranteed to give a competitive edge to your property and boost both occupancy and rental rates.

At Greendown Shepherd Huts, we offer only the best in shepherd hut quality and design. If you’d like to find out more, simply get in touch today.