Fully Insulated Shepherd Huts for All-Year Round Use

Over 200 years ago, shepherds would spend their nights tending to sheep and sleeping in tin huts on the fields. The nights were cold. The wind savage. And the insulation? Non-existent.

But luckily, we live in the 21st century. Modern day shepherd huts are warm and toasty all year round. Being warm in winter and cool in summer isn’t deemed a luxury anymore. In fact, it is now standard procedure to insulate a shepherd hut.

Whether you use foil-backed insulation or more traditional sheep wool, insulating your shepherd hut will make it a perfect year-round escape.

Do Shepherd Huts Need Insulation?

If you plan on only using your shepherd hut on exceedingly hot days, then no. The sun can keep you warm. Or if you want a truly authentic experience, bypass the luxury of comfort.

But if you want to make the most of your stunning shepherd hut, and create you own cosy retreat perfect for getting snug with a loved one, or a good book, insulate your hut. Don’t deny yourself the joy of reclining in front of a log fire. Let yourself cool off on a hot summer’s day.

Insulation is essential for B&B shepherd hut owners. Guests will adore their cosy haven and not have to shiver through the night. If you don’t provide a comfortable stay for your guests, you risk getting complaints.

Most shepherd hut companies will include insulation in shepherd huts as a given, installing it in the walls, floors and ceilings during the build. If you are building your own shepherd hut, insulation is not something to miss.

The bottom line is insulation is a modern norm and will massively improve the comfort of your hut.

Insulation for Shepherd Huts

As said above, most shepherd hut companies will install insulation as part of a hut build. You may get the option of what kind of insulation is used. You may want the standard modern insulation or may prefer the more traditional sheep wool which is deemed to be somewhat environmentally conscious.

Shepherd Hut Windows

Windows can be a huge source of heat loss. Shepherd huts of old had windows, but not the double-glazed kind most hut owners desire today. In the modern day we can turn our nose up at simple single glass pane windows, and revel in the effectiveness of double glazing.

Take care though, not all shepherd hut suppliers use double glazing as a norm and may charge extra for these great insulators.

Greendown Shepherd Huts are made with striking hardwood double glazed windows, ensuring that both the traditional aesthetic and the warmth of the hut are maintained.

Shepherd Hut Roofing

No matter the material of your hut, be it smooth rubber covering or corrugated tin sheets in keeping with history, as long as you have the proper waterproofing layers and insultation installed, your roof shouldn’t cause heating issues.

Green roofing, such as sedum living roofs, are a popular environmental roofing alternative. Layered on waterproofing lining, the plants and soil act as natural insulators, especially effective in summer. Sedum living roofs use plants from arid climates, so little upkeep is required, perhaps just the odd water during a particularly hot summer.

Additional Shepherd Hut Heating

The whole point of insulating your hut is to keep a regular temperature and ensure chilly winter nights are not felt. But this can be achieved in other ways. Here are some of the most wanted added heating extras.

Log Burner

In the 1800s the stove was for cooking and for heating, but now you can put your feet up in front of a log burner and let dinner cook in the oven. There is an undeniable appeal to the inclusion of a rustic log burner, crackling away creating the ultimate cosy setting. A log burner will add to the old-fashioned feel of your hut, transporting you or any guests back in time.

Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a luxury desired by many but afforded by few. Treat yourself and your guests. No longer will anyone fear the feeling of bare feet touching cold flooring when getting out of bed. No longer will guests reluctantly remove shoes. Who needs slippers? Not in your hut.

Temperature Controlled Thermostat

If you plan on spending considerable time in your hut, maybe it’s an office or workshop, a thermostat is a great way to ensure your hut is always at a comfortable temperature. Override the elements and take complete control of your surroundings.

Electric Towel Rail

Overcome the reluctance to leave the warmth of a hot shower and embrace a heated towel. Your guests are sure to love the extravagance. A heated towel rail will also provide a shower room with that extra little bit of heat, also appreciated in a partitioned area.

Create your Dream Shepherd Hut with Greendown Shepherd Hut

Want a shepherd hut of your own? Keen to create your own cosy hideaway?

Greendown Shepherd Huts have a team of skilled craftsmen at our specialist workshop in Bath ready to help make your shepherd hut dreams into a reality. Whether you fancy one of our Herdsmen Huts, perfect for B&B accommodation, or want a bespoke creation, our experts will consult with you every step of the journey to ensure your happiness.

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