Finding the Right Shepherd Hut Builders / Manufacturers

Owning a shepherd hut is a dream come true for those who love quirky but cosy additions to their gardens, or, those who want to create income-generating Airbnb accommodation guests will never forget. As 2020 continues and covid-19 looms ever-present, having a home away from home, especially one tailored to staycations, has become a common wish. Who doesn’t want a shepherd hut holiday?!

So, you know you want a shepherd hut. But which builder/manufacturer do you choose? Here are some top tips for finding the perfect shepherd hut builder/manufacturer for you and your individual vision.

How to find the right shepherd hut builder/manufacturer

Finding the right supplier to make your shepherd hut dreams come true is not something to be taken lightly. Use these top tips to find your ideal builder/manufacturer.

Consider location

Location can be an important factor in delivery time and cost. The farther away you are from the builder, the longer and more costly shepherd hut delivery will be, so be sure to get ballpark figures before placing an order and getting a shock delivery fee upon arrival.

Find a style

If you are investing in a shepherd hut, you likely already have your dream hut in mind, so it’s important you find a builder/manufacturer that caters to your style. The most authentic and traditional style shepherd huts are smaller and made using corrugated tin, reflecting their rustic nature. Shepherd huts purchased for accommodation tend to be larger, cosier and contain all the modern day amenities.

Whether you want rustic or countryside chic, ensure you find a builder/manufacturer who can make your vision real. As well as aesthetics, it’s important to check they can provide all the amenities you want too, such as a kitchenette or shower. If you need inspiration, it’s always a good idea to check out a potential suppliers’ gallery to see their products.

Assess price

Money isn’t everything, but shepherd huts can be investments, so its best to know you are getting what you pay for! As with anything, if a deal looks too good to be true, it probably is. Be sure to investigate exactly what you get for your money and ensure value.

Those willing to pay a bit more and fully fit their shepherd hut will reap the benefits when renting out their hut at a higher price. Shepherd huts make for the perfect romantic getaway or holiday in the UK, ideal for Airbnb.

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Evaluate quality

Similar to price, quality can be deceiving. There are plenty of shepherd hut builders/manufacturers, however not all offer the same high quality and value. Do your research and ask plenty of questions to ensure a quality hut. For example; do the materials used warrant the price? Is the shepherd hut crafted wholly in-house or are aspects brought in? For unbeatable quality, a handcrafted shepherd hut provides perfection.

If a supplier isn’t forthcoming with answers, this can raise alarm bells. Another way to assess quality of a builder/manufacturer is by looking at reviews and testimonials. A reputable business will have good reviews and plenty of them.

Check materials

Materials used are an important factor in choosing the right shepherd hut builder/manufacturer. Not only do quality materials ensure value for money, but also hut longevity and user comfort. Traditional tin shepherd huts provide minimal protection from the elements, whereas solid oak clad huts protect and insulate, creating a cosy, comfortable environment.

Other practical material considerations include whether the hut comes insulated or not (super important! Here’s why), what the roof is made of, and whether the windows are double or single glazed.

Find out about added extras

Some shepherd hurt builders/manufacturers may simply create a hut and deliver it to you, but others go above and beyond for their customers. Whether its offering advice on planning permission, helping with power, water and waste connections, or sourcing that all-important log burner, some suppliers will champion customer service.

The right shepherd hut builder/manufacturer for you will always help make your dreams come true!

Get started with Greendown Shepherd Huts

At Greendown Shepherd Huts we pride ourselves on our quality huts, expertly handcrafted for each individual customer. We offer a range of huts; from fully equipped B&Bs to bespoke designs created for unique visions. Ensuring perfection at every stage, we craft all of our huts and components (even the chassis!) in-house using only the best, high quality materials such as premium oak.

If you are looking for the perfect shepherd hut builder/manufacturer, choose Greendown Shepherd Huts. We go on a journey with our customers, not only fulfilling orders but providing all the additional advice, services and extras our customers require. From design to build and installation, we work with you to craft your dream shepherd hut.

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