Everything You Need to Know About Small Shepherd Huts

Over the past few years shepherd huts have exploded onto the UK glamping scene. Shepherd huts make the idea rural escape to get you out of the city and back to nature, but shepherd huts come in all difference sizes and can be built specifically for your needs.If you are looking for something different for your garden, then you can even have a shepherd hut custom built to fit.

No longer are shepherd huts only a work tool for farmers and sheep herders to stay warm during the lambing season; they have evolved to become a fantastic and unique addition to your home. From outdoor guesthouses and campsite novelties, to home offices and studios, a bespoke shepherd hut really can be built to suit any purpose you may have.

Here are some fantastic ideas for small shepherd huts to get you inspired:

Children’s Playhouses

Have you ever thought of creating a children’s play area in your garden that had a special spark to it? A small shepherd hut can make a fantastic alternative to a traditional Wendy House. The amazing thing about a bespoke built shepherd hut is that you can design it as a miniature version of a full-sized hut! Ready with a built-in play kitchen and play area to keep your little ones entertained for hours.

The added bonus? Knowing your hut was handcrafted by professionals, so your children are safe and sound, protected from a DIY job.

Garden Workshop

A bespoke shepherd hut would make a fantastic alternative to a shed or outbuilding to create a truly unique workshop. Because a shepherd hut can be designed to suit your needs, you can model it to include power outlets and a work bench to create a truly unique and creative environment to work from. What’s more inspiring than a rustic shepherd hut in the countryside?!

Dog Kennels

A new trend to spark life to your garden is to create an outdoor kennel for your pooch. Using a small shepherd hut to create an outdoor environment for your dog can let your companion enjoy the summer nights in style. You can customise a small shepherd hut to include a ramp rather than stairs for easy access for your four-legged friend. Consider the interior and the dreamy dog-house you can craft.

Rabbit Hutches

Looking for something more special for your garden? Why not model a small shepherd hut to become an outdoor luxury hotel for your rabbit? The options are truly endless with what you are able to create with a bespoke hand-crafted hut. With bespoke oak interiors and traditional fittings, your small shepherd hut will be the stuff of bunny dreams.

Garden Offices

A shepherd hut can make a great garden office for your home business! You can build your shepherd hut to include power sockets and a desk for you to work on – built from the same stunning oak as the exterior. Using a shepherd hut for your office will provide you with an outdoor getaway to promote creative flair and concentration.

Outdoor Studio

Are you an aspiring musician? Or an artist looking to get some outdoor space that you can create masterpieces in? A shepherd hut can be kitted out with sound proofing and power sockets to install recording equipment, or decorated to give you a truly relaxing environment to work in.

Greendown Shepherd Huts have years of experience in creating and tailoring bespoke shepherd huts for their clients.

We are constantly being surprised by the creative uses that people are finding for bespoke shepherd huts.

You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating a beautiful shepherd hut that will stand the test of time and create a talking point in your garden.

For more information about Greendown Shepherd Hut’s services, contact the team today.

Remember that in some situations you will need to have planning permission to install a Shepherd Hut on your property. Be sure to find out the facts during your planning process.

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