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Do I need planning permission for my shepherd hut?

Posted February 14, 2024
Written By: Greendown Shepherd Huts

Do I need planning permission for my shepherd hut?

The process of designing and building your own bespoke shepherd hut is a truly thrilling experience. When collaborating with us, you’re encouraged to be as hands-on as you like to put your own stamp on this exciting project. Before you get carried away with choosing your fixtures and fittings however, it is important to understand any formal permissions you might need for the placement of a shepherd hut.

So, what paperwork do you need to go ahead with your shepherd hut installation? And do you even need planning permission in the first place? In this blog post, we answer these frequently asked questions, so you can go ahead as planned.

Is planning permission even required?

The guidance on planning permission for shepherd huts is a little foggy online, with many resources stating that a shepherd hut doesn’t require permission at all due to its status as a mobile structure. While often mentioned in the same breath as caravans and other mobile homes, the rules surrounding the building and installation of a shepherd hut vary depending on its use.

If you intend to rent out your shepherd hut for more than 28 days per calendar year to generate income for example, you will require full planning permission or an exemption.

What does the planning process involve?

If you do plan to rent out your shepherd hut for more than 28 days per calendar year, you’ll need to apply with your local council for the necessary permission. But remember, you don’t have to do it alone. Your application can be filed by yourself or a third party, such as a planning consultant. The Greendown team is also on hand to guide you through the planning process.

We suggest undertaking a three-stage process to obtaining the necessary permission for your shepherd hut installation. The first step is working with us to design your initial concept. During this stage, we work with you using AutoCAD and satellite imagery to set out your site accurately as per your requirements and create some beautiful outdoor living spaces for you to consider. You can then use this concept to complete a pre-planning application.

We’d always recommend going ahead with a pre-planning application. It gives you the chance to work with your local council from an early stage to help them understand your proposal. Their advice could also inform your plans going forward making it more likely that full planning permission will be granted.

Once the pre-planning application has been made and advice taken on board, you can forge ahead with your full planning application. While the timescales for approval vary, it is important to bear in mind that applications can take up to 12 months in some cases. Once approved however, you can proceed with your site build and the purchase of your shepherd hut.

How do I apply for an exemption?

An alternative to going down the time-consuming route of obtaining planning permission is applying for a planning exemption certificate. This can take up to 12 weeks to obtain, making it a much more attractive option for those on strict timescales.

There are several companies affiliated with the Caravan and Glamping Association that can support you with your planning exemption application. Exemptions can only be attained by sites with up to five shepherd huts however. Again, our team can assist with guidance on planning exemption.

When isn’t permission or exemption needed?

For customers purchasing a Greendown shepherd hut for private use (with placement in the garden of your residential property) or to rent out for less than 28 days per calendar year, no planning permission or exemption certificate will be required.

Where do I get started?

Right here of course! At Greendown Shepherd Huts, we’re not just well known for our bespoke creations, but our solid, practical advice. We are clued up on the latest regulations, and provide support with the entire process of designing, building, preparing for and installing a shepherd hut, including the attainment of planning permission. Get in touch with our team today to start this exciting journey.

Still not sure whether a shepherd hut investment is the right next step for you? Discover just one of the perks of adding a shepherd hut to your site by inputting your details into our ROI Calculator.

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Posted February 14, 2024

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