8 Shepherd Hut Maintenance Tips

Shepherd huts are the ultimate addition to any countryside landscape, not only because of their stunning traditional aesthetic, but also because of their low maintenance requirements. Relatively small spaces with quality installations, shepherd huts are the perfect easy-upkeep retreat.

At Greendown Shepherd Huts we craft beautiful shepherd huts from characteristic local oak, using our many years of collective experience to ensure perfection. From handcrafted details to keeping to traditional looks, we maintain high quality across all our huts, leaving you and your guests to simply enjoy your flawless hut.

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So, although your shepherd hut is simple to maintain, here are 8 top tips and tricks to consider for your hut upkeep.

  1. Clean Regularly

Especially important if the hut is being used as guest accommodation or rented out as a B&B, cleaning your hut is vital. From vacuuming the floors to changing bedding, regular basic cleaning is essential to the appeal of your shepherd hut. Don’t forget to wipe handles and surfaces between guests to keep hut users safe.

If you have furry friends coming to stay in your hut don’t forget to increase the cleaning. Dog hairs and mucky paws can spell trouble for your perfect oak flooring! Use our handy guide to dog friendly shepherd huts for tips on creating canine bliss.

  1. Embrace Fresh Air

Make the most of the great outdoors and fill your hut with fresh air. Not only will you reduce the chances of damp, your hut will be filled with the gorgeous smell of freshly mowed grass and summer flowers.

Our striking shepherd huts come fitted with French doors, perfect for you to swing open and embrace the fresh air while airing your hut without even realising!

Although opening windows wide on chilly days may lack appeal, circulating air is important for reducing odour and risk of mould. Huts with showers should be aired regularly, opening the bathroom window to reduce steam.

  1. Check Power Connections

Once your shepherd hut it delivered on-site, connecting it up is relatively simple, whether it’s to mains or separate generators. Consult an electrician to ensure your power connection is safe and effective then you should be set.

However, you should check for any damage or faults in the connection occasionally and seek advice if there is any concern. Power issues may not just result in a lack of electricity but can also present fire hazards.

  1. Sort Supplies

As with electricity, your hut can be hooked up to a water supply with minimal disruption. Not all shepherd huts require a water connection depending on their purpose, however any hut with a sink, toilet or shower will need one.

For hot water, ensure any boiler system is effective through testing according to provider’s advice.

  1. Check Log Burner

If you have a log burner in your shepherd hut – an absolute must for cosy winter evenings – be sure to give it a once over every now and again. From topping up the log basket to clearing off any soot, keep your log burned clear and ready for the next fire.

For functionality, check that the flue is clear and successfully directing smoke through the chimney.

  1. Wipe Windows

Thanks to smart design and reliable materials, our huts have functional windows in the traditional style that require little to no maintenance. Made from oak, in keeping with the rest of the hut, our windows should not warp or need much attention – no time-consuming sanding or priming needed just to open your window!

As with windows on your house, it may be worth giving your hut windows the occasional clean. Even a quick wipe will get rid of dirt, let in more natural light, and show the glorious countryside.

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  1. Check Drainage

Usually sorted by a ground works company upon shepherd hut delivery, drainage is key for toilet and shower water waste. Whether its via main drain, a tank, or even just a self-contained composting unit, check draining components to ensure efficiency.

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  1. Care for Oak

At Greendown Shepherd Huts we adore oak and its many qualities, from aesthetic appeal to strong durability. That’s why we use oak for the hut itself, the floors, and even furniture, creating a beautiful rustic countryside feel.

Our expert craftsmen use only high-quality oak, and ensure that it’s properly treated to ensure longevity, including the cladded exterior. Due to the expert care and build, the oak in your hut is low maintenance and should require care beyond initial treatment in the workshop.

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As shepherd hut experts with practical knowledge in crafting and designing stunning huts, we know all there is to know about huts. From maintenance questions to consulting on planning permission, our specialist team are on hand to help you achieve shepherd hut bliss.

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