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7 reasons why Greendown is the best in the business

Posted December 13, 2023
Written By: Greendown Shepherd Huts

7 reasons why Greendown is the best in the business

Since starting out some seven years ago, Greendown Shepherd Huts has always had a vision and
ambition to be the best. Designing and making bespoke shepherd huts is far from simple. But, with a
talented team of craftspeople at the helm and a passion for luxurious sustainability, we are proud of
the reputation we’ve built so far and the work that has got us there.

As another year ends, we’re looking back on a productive period and looking forward to what’s to
come during 2024 and beyond. In this blog post, we thought we’d delve deeper into the reasons why
Greendown is the best in the business, and with a determination to build on everything we know so
far, things can only get better…

1. We’re a brand with vision, family & craftsmanship at its heart
The story of Greendown is just as captivating as the bespoke shepherd huts we create. One mid-
summer afternoon in 2016, Harry Long (a joiner by trade) and his business partner hatched an idea
that would change their lives forever. They discussed the creation of a concept shepherd hut that
they could take to market, and the rolling picturesque hills of the Somerset countryside were the
perfect backdrop for their story.

After perfecting the design, the first hut rolled off the small production line in late 2016. Harry had
the original dream, but it was his brother-in-law Jordan Franklin, a successful entrepreneur, who
visualised the opportunity to scale and produce boutique huts specifically handcrafted for outdoor

Today, Greendown has established itself as a lead manufacturer of luxurious shepherd huts for the
hospitality sector. Their modular range offers the ideal solution for wedding venues, hotels and
hospitality operators, providing premium outdoor additions to add to their accommodation
portfolio, and the return on investment is game changing.

2. Our huts are designed for hospitality and so much more
Hospitality, travel and tourism have changed beyond recognition over the last decade. Research
suggests consumer experience rather than expense is now a key factor, which suits boutique
operators located in idyllic locations.

Luxurious, premium alternatives that complement the brand include bespoke shepherd huts that
allow guests the freedom and space to experience outdoor living at its best. Greendown has a solid
reputation supplying top-quality huts to operators in this fast-developing, niche market.

We advise on, design and build beautiful modular concepts providing flexibility, speed and scalability
to luxury accommodation providers. A shepherd hut is an ideal alternative, ensuring quality, variety
and capacity for existing and developing venues, and construction takes just 10 to 12 weeks.

3. We really do make anything possible with our off-grid huts
Imagine a beautiful shepherd hut located in a privately-owned forest, a nature reserve or country
estate, or at the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea. Just visualise that hut nestled in dense woodland,
high up in the rolling hills or pitched perfectly on the banks of a freshwater river. Anything is now
possible with the off-grid huts we construct and deliver.

Remote locations of all types are made more accessible for landowners looking to capitalise on the
space they have thanks to the modular design, off-grid independence and minimal requirements for

site foundations. There is a real demand for non-urban luxury hospitality and Greendown specialises
in crafting shepherd huts that are purpose built to fit the space.

4. Better yet, we guarantee a great return on investment
A shepherd hut offers minimal impact accommodation, direct access to nature and a great return on
investment for operators. We provide unique and charming accommodation solutions for wedding
venues, hotels and landowners in this specialised market. Our huts create a sense of rustic charm,
simplicity and beauty, making them a natural option for the glamping market too.

It is well-documented that hotels providing shepherd huts usually demonstrate premium demand
and occupancy rates compared to those who offer the standard, in-house facilities. Don’t believe us?
Use our ROI Calculator to enter the figures that are relevant to you and reveal your potential

5. We support you at every stage, including planning & prep
Greendown has years of experience in the very complex and rather overwhelming areas of permits,
planning and preparation. As a result, we can support new landowners and existing operators
through the planning stages. We also supply technical drawings which you can share with your local
planning department, including a guide that illustrates the preparatory ground requirements in
advance of delivery.

A Greendown shepherd hut is a complete solution, with our team ready and waiting to guide you
along your journey, minimising disruption to existing operators, supporting first time buyers and
allowing businesses to trade as normal throughout the process.

6. We make everything simpler, especially hut installation
Building modular huts provides all sorts of benefits over traditional construction, but one of the
most significant advantages is installation. With all construction undertaken off-site, your project
and hospitality business can commence operations at speed, working within a clearly defined budget
from the outset.

Installation is simple – We deliver your shepherd hut on the back of a low-loader as a completed
unit. A crane then offloads the hut onto the foundation points, where the hut is secured and the
main services connected via the base. At that point, you are ready to go.

A typical installation is normally completed within 24 hours, so if you schedule a morning delivery,
you could have guests checking into the accommodation that very same night!

7. The Greendown team is ready to go when you are
Kickstarting your shepherd hut journey couldn’t be more straightforward. In fact, all it takes is a
phone call or email to get the ball rolling. You can also come and visit our show huts at Greendown
HQ for a sneak peak of what makes our brand and beautiful huts so special. Visit our contact page
for more information.

Don’t forget to check out our ROI Calculator in the meantime to see what 2024 could mean for your
hospitality business or wedding venue.

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Posted December 13, 2023

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