5 Tips for Using Airbnb for Your Shepherd Hut

Looking to rent out your shepherd hut on Airbnb? In this mini guide from the Greendown Shepherd Huts team we explain some of our top tips for making the most out of this holiday rental platform, helping you to attract new customers and guests.

  1. Include Plenty of Photos in Your Listing

Airbnb can be very competitive. There’s likely to be a whole host of listings in your area so it’s absolutely pivotal that your listing stands out from the crowd. And the best way to make sure you get noticed is to include a range of high-quality photos of the property.

Shepherd huts are naturally stunning in appearance so this will stand you in good stead. We recommend adding at least 10 photos of your hut, showcasing the outside as well as the inside. The bedroom, kitchen, bathroom (if you have one) should all be displayed for potential guests to see. It’s important too to upload photos of the exterior so that guests can recognise your hut when they arrive. Also, if your hut has a good view – perhaps of the sea, a loch or a mountain range – be sure to show it off!

It’s not essential, but you may want to consider arranging for a professional photographer to come and take photos of your hut. They’ll help you present your hut in the best light, highlighting its beautiful aesthetics and array of quirky features, increasing your chances of grabbing a guest’s attention.

  1. Write a Detailed Description & Provide Directions

The title and description of your property is another important factor when it comes to attracting guests.

Take the time to explain your hut rules as it helps guests know what you expect from them and what they need to do during their stay. Do you provide essentials like towels or will guests need to bring them? Is Wi-Fi available? Is there a washing machine? Is there a parking space? The more information you provide, the more likely guests will be willing to stay.

To help guests have a smooth start to their stay at your hut, provide them with detailed directions and instructions. Not only should this include step-by-step directions on how to get to your hut, but also details on how to get into your hut. For example, is there a gate guests need to go through? Where can they expect to find the key? If a stay at your hut gets off on the wrong foot, it’s often hard to recover the trust of your guests, so do all you can to ensure a hassle-free start to their stay.

  1. Provide Necessities & Improve Amenities

A top tip for making your shepherd hut listing stand out is to improve the list of amenities you provide. By including appliances like an iron, cooking equipment (such as pots and pans), a fridge, an oven, a microwave, a safe, a TV, underfloor heating and so on, you’ll be able to better justify an increase in your listing’s price.

  1. Provide Local Information

Some of your guests may not be too familiar with the nearby area, so a nice touch can be to provide a little pack of information on the local town/village/city.

Are there any restaurants or takeaways you recommend visiting? Where’s the nearest supermarket? How far is the closest petrol station? What attractions are there to enjoy? How can guests get to the beach? Putting information like this into a little folder and leaving it on the coffee table for when guests arrive can go a long way to establishing a good relationship with the guest.

All guests – particularly those from afar – are likely to appreciate that you’ve made the extra effort to provide them with local information that they wouldn’t have otherwise known.

  1. Clean, Clean, Clean!

The cleanliness of your hut is a crucial factor in making your property one that visitors will want to return to. A dirty, untidy hut will inevitably make an immediate and indelible bad impression, so with that in mind, it’s vital that you clean your hut thoroughly between guests. If you don’t have the time or resources to clean your hut on a regular basis, it’ll probably be worth hiring a professional cleaning service.

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