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5 reasons to add shepherd huts to your accommodation offering

Posted February 27, 2024
Written By: Greendown Shepherd Huts

5 reasons to add shepherd huts to your accommodation offering

With wedding celebrations, big and small, now back on the menu as the economy continues to settle post-Covid, wedding venues everywhere need to adapt to thrive and cater to the demands of every happy couple that crosses their threshold.

Cost is more of a priority than ever according to the latest UK Wedding Industry Report, with couples searching for value for money choosing to invest in night before or wedding night accommodation to save on transportation and increase convenience.

Read on to discover just five of the reasons why you should consider adding shepherd huts to the accommodation offering at your wedding venue.

1. They’re ultra-convenient

At Greendown, we understand that business can’t just stop for accommodation upgrades. With this in mind, an increasing number of wedding venues are looking to enhance their offering without causing disruption to their core business.

That’s where the shepherd hut comes in! A quaint, versatile and charming addition that can elevate your wedding venue accommodation in what feels like an instant.

One of the key advantages of adding shepherd huts to your wedding venue accommodation is the minimal disruption to your existing operations. Unlike traditional construction projects, that can be time-consuming and disruptive, these huts can be constructed off-site, delivered and installed with ease. This ensures that your venue can continue to host weddings and events seamlessly.

2. They’re super desirable

These days, marrying couples and their guests are looking for unique experiences and more intimate, picturesque stays, and this extends to their use of wedding venue accommodation. Our compact, stylish and sustainable shepherd huts can be strategically placed on your grounds to create the cosy retreat many are searching for.

3. They’re hugely versatile

The charm of shepherd huts lies in their versatility. Thanks to their compact size and off-grid capabilities, they can be placed pretty much anywhere, leaving you to really make the most of the natural beauty of your wedding venue.

Whether used as a haven for the bride and her bridesmaids on the morning of the big day or as a honeymoon suite for the newlyweds, you’re guaranteed a unique, private and memorable experience.

4. They’re completely customisable

Our shepherd huts don’t get much more tailormade. As well as exploring our range of huts, you can go bespoke to ensure an aesthetic that aligns perfectly with your wedding venue. From luxurious interiors to eco-friendly features, the possibilities really are endless.

5. They’re win-wins for venues and guests

The addition of a shepherd hut or two to your wedding venue is a win-win for all. Wedding venues can elevate the experiences they offer affordably, all while maintaining the rhythm of their wider business. While guests can enjoy a unique stay that’s truly enchanting and serene. Just ask the wedding venues that are already the proud owners of our shepherd huts, which includesHeathy Lea on the Chatsworth Estate and Forbes of Kingennie Country Resort.

In short, adding shepherd huts to your wedding venue is an excellent return on investment, with potential returns able to be calculated at the touch of a button using our ROI Calculator. So, what are you waiting for? Enter your details into our calculator or contact us to discuss your next steps.

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